This is an outlet for us to be able share some of the experiences that life has thrown at us and to express to things that weigh heavy on our minds when in comes to things like prison life and being in a relationship with someone you limited ever have access too.

From Tank:

I admit that the idea to create a blog wasn’t my own, but someones whose ideas, advice, and insistence I value greatly if for no other reason than everything they share with me or criticize me about is constructive and overflowing with absolute love. So when they tell me I should expose my inner thoughts and that by opening myself up and being vulnerable to others I may reach out and touch others like me, the same way I do with them, I know they see the same value in me. So, then without hesitation I say, “Let’s see!”

From Rayn:

Writing a blog and posting my inner most thoughts is ultra scary, but as someone once told me “When you go to take over an island you have to burn the boat.” WHOA, but TRUTH! In this modern world where everyone so freely voices their opinion in regards to what you’re doing… it’s hard to maintain any kind of confidence in what I think about something without fear of judgement or backlash. And yet I solider on, because I feel that there are so many important lessons I’ve learned in my daily travels. Knowledge I’ve gained and insights that I’d like to share with anyone interested in listening.



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